420, 421, 422 - NO REGRETS HERE / by Roc Queen

I'm not afraid of lot things, I probably have about 3 fears, one of them being cats 😸. You can go ahead and call PETA on me, I will proudly confirm “I DON'T LIKE CATS.” No but seriously, one of them is “being ok with regret.” I think that’s one of the scariest places to be; that place where you lose your edge and become numb to wanting to be better. I mean that's all regret is, not being ok with something you know you could have done better. Some people regret relationships they’ve been in and some that they are still in, some regret past decisions and choices they’ve made, some people regret picking up bad habits they can't seem to shake. I think that we sometimes focus too much on what we regret, and we miss the beauty in regret, the silver lining.. because there’s always a silver lining !!


1 // Regret teaches us that we are aware (WOKE) to the fact that something is wrong. Mistakes are lessons...lesson we shouldn’t deny, lessons we should fully own. I have a friend who had a baby out of marriage, (I hate the word wedlock, no wonder people aren’t getting married...we call it jail). And one day we were talking about his son, and he told me something so profound that I’ll never forget. “My son was not a mistake, he was a MIS-TAKE.” What he was saying was that he doesn't regret his son’s life, more so the timing and the situation he brought his son into. We can’t afford to deny and disown truth, they tell us so much about ourselves. They are sometimes the mirrors to our souls and the gateway to our future.

2 // Regret teaches us that we are alive, so we can try again. You see, regret is merely a feeling about our reality.  Whatever it is you’re dealing with is a real thing, and what you do to avoid that reality is also a real thing. So before you create another monster you will one day regret... I say deal with it, face it, head on… AND TRY AGAIN! You’re life isn't over, and you're not a failure. A failures is a person who doesn't TRY AGAIN!

Let’s not be those people who miss the lessons in our mistakes, because regret will always be around the corner, CREEPING, like the creep squad or cats. Regret is the absolute enemy of grace, it wants to throw you in a deep dark pit where you feel bad about yourself. But grace, grace pulls you out of that pit, brings to light what needs to be seen. But it’s our responsibility, to see it for what it is and be honest about what we see.

Yoooo from somebody who loves you and thinks the best of you; as you pursue your next high, cause we all have something we do to get high, it’s not just a substance: porn, sex, cannabis 😜, food, money, control, gossip (yep.. some people get off talking about other people), WHATEVER IT IS. Think about it first, because getting there, that’s the easy part. The hard part is staying there, and coming back is even harder. We all make mistakes  and have things we regret, it’s what we do when the dust settles and the fog clears, that’s what counts. Cat’s have 9 live you don’t 🙀... YOLO, only once.. And your one and only life is way too short to live with regret.

2 Corinthians 7:10 MSG

Distress that drives us to God does that. It turns us around. It gets us back in the way of salvation. We never regret that kind of pain. But those who let distress drive them away from God are full of regrets, end up on a deathbed of regrets.