Why do we love Beyonce so much? Because Bey consistently shows us why she will never lose. I mean, even when she’s losing she is winning. When life gave Bey lemons, she made Lemonade. And when Bey gave us Lemonade, we made us a good ole Arnold Palmer. We couldn’t miss our chance to have tea with the Queen B. For years we’ve been asking if Jayonce was a real thing, at least I have; especially after the whole elevator brawl between the in-laws. Lemonade is a creative expression of her personal journey of infidelity  (I THINK 😒, you know she love throwing curve balls 😂😂😂).

No but in all seriousness, I love what we are watching… Bey and Jay making good on their “for better or for worse.” I hate that we have so many people saying “I do” AND “I don’t”. Like seriously when you commit to something, do just that, commit. And if you're not ready to commit, do us all a favor, and WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE READY! And when you fall in your commitment before you quit, try. Try and make things work. But Bey ain’t the only one getting drinking lemonade it’s a whole bunch of lemons in the Bible, like David and Bathsheba.

Here we have two adults; in full on marriages and things get real sticky when David doesn’t know how to control his flesh, and dear sister BATHsheba forgets how to take baths inside the house like normal people. (Question before we continue...Was her real name Sheba, before David found her in the Bath?). Needless to say, Sheba got pregnant and Uriah, her husband wasn’t the daddy. Not only was there a baby coming, but David ended up killing him, because he didn’t want to do the whole “Jerry Springer” scene. You know the one when the friend comes out of side door and says “BRO that’s not yo baby, that’s my baby”.. and the wife starts crying..while David’s getting beat up and then Steve stops the fight before it gets too bloody. Yea.. he didn’t want to go through all that. So David, pulled a Lucious Lyon and had Uriah killed. And guess what; what God doesn’t do is, bless mess. Especially not mess we don’t confess. David and Bathsheba’s child grew very ill and ending up dying. Poor Sheba, she lost her husband and her baby.

But God is so faithful and full of grace that He won’t just leave you hanging in your mess. He sent the Prophet Nathan to convict, not condemn, David’s spirit of lust and greed.

SIDE NOTE: If you catch somebody you know cheating … before you say anything, ask God what you should do with that information, stop throwing tea parties and spreading people's business.

God is a just God, so He brings things to our attention. Sometimes in discreet ways and sometimes not so discreet (and most times we abuse God’s discretion and He blows things up, but for our benefit). When this happens, be like David; have a broken and contrite spirit about the situation. Don’t start shifting blame, talking about “daddy issues and how you never saw a man be faithful or how the other person wasn’t there for you when you needed them.” STOPPPPP, that only makes it worst. HUMBLE THINE SELF.. humility is everything.

Yes David and Bathsheba lost a son, but God gave them 4 more. The most famous son was Solomon (I just adore this man's wisdom), but they also named one of their boys after the Prophet Nathan. How cool is that? Talk about full circle 😊.

Storyline found in: 2 Samuel 12-13