Ooooo another one is Jesus’ parents duh, talk about scandal… thee beloved Mary and Joseph, served us up some real SWEET tea. When the virgin Mary gets pregnant by the “Holy Spirit”, I just know Joseph was like.. “Seriously Mary, that's the best you can do..you gon really try to play me like that. Here I am trying take you as my wife, and you gon sit up here and tell me THE HOLY SPIRIT GOT YOU PREGNANT… For real!”

He was hurt, but I would be too. I mean not only did he think she was lying about her little rendezvous with the Holy Spirit, but her lie wasn’t even good. She was, as Beyonce would say: CRAZY.

SIDE NOTE: I know boys hate falling for crazy girls.. I know they be like “I would leave her.. but she crazy, 😂😂😂.

But here’s the thing, when it’s a “God thing”, God will show up and intervene on your behalf. He will settle your spirit about false accusations, He will clear up any rumors, He will affirm what He has already confirmed in you. And He did just that, before Joseph completely called off the wedding, God appeared to Joseph in a dream and dealt with him accordingly. He whispers to Joe, "It was me, the Holy Spirit, who impregnated yo girl". I mean how can you argue with that kind of clarity. I’m sure Joseph was happy to hear that his soon to be wife wasn’t crazy, OR he was thinking, now she got me going crazy. ( I know they hate it even more when her crazy starts rubbing off on them, 😂😂😂 ).

What I’m trying to say is, when you get into foggy situations, not just infidelity… you need to tune your spiritual ear to hear what God is saying. Stop listening to a whole bunch of naysayers; they only cloud your vision and your hearing. I mean you’re already foggy, why would you add SMOG to FOG..talk about dangerous.

God is NOT a God of confusion, and if you sincerely seek him on answers he will make things clear to you. And you might get a Jesus out the situation… ok let me stop, that’s a lie. And I bet not here nobody popping up with no new babies, talking about “the Holy Spirit is my baby daddy” I will most definitely side eye you 😏 .

Storyline found in: Matthew 1:18-25