Honey, there is so much tea on this subject in the Bible, but let’s just look at one more story. This one is probably the most famous episode of cheaters in the Bible, Hosea and Gomer. Out of all the stories, this one always has me thinking why would God do this to that sweet ole man. Like don’t you hate to see the good guy go out with so many losses. Hosea was a lot like the Derrick Rose; poor kid just can’t catch a break. And Gomer wasn’t no “lady in the streets, freak in the bed” type of wife. She never got the whole “turn it off, when you're in public thing” down pact. Hosea had to go and pull her out of a couple situations, poor guy 😒 .

Here Hosea is, a Prophet, who was told by God to MARRY A PROSTITUTE. Marry the girl, all your boys been with 😑 . And he did, and he fell hard for her, like real hard.  Let me tell you, that love thing ain’t no joke. Honey it will have you doing things out yo character. I mean all of the “I would nevers” quickly become the “I can’t believe I just”. And that became Hosea’s life, doing the back and forth with not only his wife, but the mother of his children. I couldn’t imagine the kids asking where mom was, and Him having to stomach a response. Remember, Hosea is the good guy, so what do the good guys do? They give you chance after chance after chance. 

God used Hosea’s dysfunctional love life, to portray His unconditional love for His people, Israel. And really to show us that we all have cheat in us. We can’t look at Gomer with eyes of judgment because she is us. We are the prostitute, we are Gomer, and God’s grace and love always takes us back, no matter how much we cheat, no matter how much we promise that it won’t happen again, no matter if we show up to the counseling session or not, NO MATTER WHAT. He means it, when He says it “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” And He’ll do just that... stay with us and take all our lemons and make that good ole Chick-fil-a lemonade honey.

Before I get all in my feelings and go listen to my Queen, dear sister Whitney’s “I Believe in You and Me,” let me say this and be done. I have seen marriages work, and I have seen them not work out, I have seen people reconcile within their marriage, and others be reconciled with the idea of “marriage” (another try with a different mate). This is how I see it, if it’s a God thing, He’ll make it good thing. That’s neither tea nor lemonade. That’s living water!

Storyline found in: Hos 1:1-Hos 1:11, Hos 3:1-Hos 3:5