Settle Down, Saddle Up / by Roc Queen


Growing up I remember my grandmother watching “HER STORIES”... Guiding Light, All My Children, Days of Our Lives, just to name a few. And if I ever got stuck watching them with her, I was always so confused as to how she kept up with all the storylines. Seriously, every 3 minutes there was a new scene, with a new plot, with the SAME CHARACTERS. And what really confused me, was that my grandmother seemed unphased by each twist and turn. You can thank Margaret Joe, because of her I do not, and I repeat I DO NOT have a guilty please complex when it comes to reality-tv.

At 27, there are times I find my life somewhat parallel to the well known soap, “Young and the Restless.” O to be young, but I’m having serious trouble with the restless part. I think it may even be aging me, haha, JK. I don't look a day over 16, and 19 on a good day. I always feel like I have to be doing something: whether it’s leading in some capacity at church, another project at work, or grabbing another degree in my spare time. Rest assured I always find something to do, and I mean something. I'm learning, that I don't have to do everything, and sometimes I don’t have to do anything. You see restless living, can quickly become reckless living.

We live in a society that wants more, faster. And wants that new-new, sooner. Seriously how can anyone keep up? We’ve even confused progressions with busy-ness. We’ve managed to trick ourselves into doing a whole bunch of nothing, and because of it we are becoming experts at wasting. Yep wasting, wasting time and energy. As I keep living, because I’m going to keep doing that ( hehe), I’m learning the beautiful tension between ‘settling down and saddling up’.

Roc, what do you mean, settle down AND saddle up? How can you do both? Well settling down doesn't have anything to do with our location or staying in one place. It really deals with our heart, our attitude, and our posture in whatever season we are in. And usually when we keep ourselves busy, we are avoiding something. You would think that busy-ness would keep you pre-occupied enough to keep your mind off “that thing”, but it only breeds more worry, more anxiety, and more stress. PHEW, what is life ?!?!

And settling down doesn't advocate for laziness, quite frankly the opposite. Once we have settled down, not settled, we then saddle up. Saddling up is about stewardship, consistency, and faithfulness.  It’s so much easier to NOT stay the course, especially in a world that throws so many distractions our way.

Settle down in “A” church, and saddle up by serving the house. Settle down by choosing “A” career, and saddle up by learning, training, and growing in that field. Settle down with “ONE” man or woman, and saddle up to do life with that person, the good and the bad. Saddling up is also about having resolve and sticktoitness.

Sidetone: Do people even use words like this anymore ? I literally said this to my youth last week and they said “what’s sticktoitness” with a stank face...oh jeez. .

Any-who, God still honors faithfulness, yep faithfulness. Faithfulness lies dead smack in the middle of settling down and saddling up. Never forget that God is still the God of the burning bush, He still lights the flame, so we don’t have to go around starting fires (aka busyness),  we can’t put out ourselves. SETTLE DOWN, and SADDLE UP!!! In the words of Bishop TD Jakes… “get ready, get ready, get ready.” And in the words of Roc.. “be faithful, be faithful, be faithful.”

Faithfulness will forever be the currency of Heaven. 

As always, love ya!

Roc 😘😘

But be sure to fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you. 1 Samuel 12:24 (NIV)