SuperHero God (3 min Read) / by Roc Queen

Superhero God

We are the superhero generation... we have a “SAVE ME” mentality. But who could blame us? We’ve been watching GREAT Marvel Films for the last 25 years, it's practically embedded in our mental DNA. For most of us, when life gets hard, like really hard... we have somebody we can call on: mom, grandpa, friends, the homies, the government, SOMEBODY. Rest assured there is always somewhere we can go.

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m lodged deadlock between a rock and a hard place. And if I’m really honest…this place is quite cold, very dark, and seemingly lonely. It also feels like I’m constantly under fire, all at the same time. And before you read too much into this, I PROMISE I’M OK!! Seriously I AM.

I’ve talked about it..I've ranted about it. I’ve sought counsel from the wise and the unwise ( haha… as my sister Rachel would say “consider your source”). I’ve even prayed about it, quietly AND out loud.. like really loud and dramatic. Snot ..tears, the whole 9. I needed God to know how serious I was. I stand here to tell you that I got nothing out of Him. PURE SILENCE 😑😂😂. I’m like God, you don’t see me down here don’t see these flames getting bigger, you really gon ignore my call like that...woooow, and I thought we was cool.

If you can’t tell by now, I’m really dramatic.. and God’s not moved by my tony award winning performances. One day while I was practicing my lines for my next big performance, for my audience of one( hint-hint: God). I had this epiphany ...or as Aunty Oprah would say, an aha moment. I treat God like a super-hero. I want him to rescue me from each and every fire I experience..even the ones He’s trying me in ( get it..tried in the fire). Was my mind blown. And to think I had practiced all those hours for Him to just cancel the show like that.

But on a more serious note… King Solomon (my bible crush) talks about “gold being tried in the fire and character in the furnace of adversity.”  That whole “if you don't like the heat, get out the kitchen” doesn't work here, King Solly ain't having it. Stay in the fire, Play in the Fire ( shameless plug for my good friend Bianca ),  because there’s gold on the other side of it.

Is the fire uncomfortable? Yep, and it's hot, but it’s also holy. Holy in the sense of purifying and making us the best versions of ourselves. It's easy to forget or overlook the fact that God always wants the best for us and the best out of us, regardless of how it makes us feel. He doesn’t want our best to stay in us. Our best is to be shared and not harbored. 

I have so much gold in me (that’s Godfidence friends), and thats why I am always under fire ( I think 🤔..haha). And I don't want to harbor or abort my gold.. for my comfort.

So.. the next time you go through a fire, don't call on superhero God.. he probably won’t answer, call on the God of Grace. Ask that God, to give you the grace to go through the fire, and sustain you like the 3 Hebrew boys. And trust, that that same God is with you in it, He will never leave you, no matter how hot it gets🔥🔥🔥. And if that doesn't bless your soul...let this. (Clark Sister for the win. #FORTHECULTURE )

As always.. love ya!