Father, I thank you so much for the church, your bride. I thank you Lord that through the gospel of Jesus Christ, we the church can be a beacon of light in the midst of darkness. I thank you God that you saw fit, to establish order here on earth even after you were gone, through the church. Father, forgive us for misusing the power and influence of the church to push our own personal agendas through: traditions, rules, financial gain, power trips, business ventures, celebritism, Bible thumping, pulpit policing, and anything else that is not a corporate expression of your grace and truth in love. Father we are in critical times here on earth, and we need your eyes, we need your ears, we need your heart for the world. They are looking for us the church to rise up and not drawback. They need us to be strong and not weak. And they desperately need us to be united and not divided. God help us, help us Lord.

Lord we give you full permission to be like a hurricane and rip our walls down. The ones that were once a safe-haven and now are the prisons in which we have trapped ourselves and locked out the lost. Father we need you, we need you more than ever. Guide us, lead and direct us. We are your your sheep, and you will forever be the Good Shepherd. We are looking to you, show us glory!