God, family is not only a good idea it is a God idea, before there was church; there was man and women, family. In Psalm 133, your words says that it is pleasant for a brothers to dwell in unity, that’s where your blessing is. Father the enemy knows the power that dwells in a united front. My prayer is that you fill our homes with your love, fill our homes with your grace, fill our homes with laughter and warmth, fill our homes with a spirit of forgiveness and and reconciliation. No longer will we allow the enemy to reside in place you should reign. Bless our marriages, bring back our fathers, save our sons, loose our daughters. Mend broken hearts, teach us father how to forgive, teach us Lord to let go of past offenses, soften our hearts and word our mouths to ask for the forgiveness where we have offended our brothers and sisters. Season our conversations with your grace God. You are the God of reconciliation. Father we need you, we invite you into our homes, clean things up for us, put them in the right place. Father we give you our families, only you can bring them back together. We know you to be faithful, and there is nothing to hard for you. You are well able! YES. YOU. ARE.