Lord you love us. You loved us enough to send your only Son to die for our sins. And not when we had it together, not when we were right, but while we were still sinners. Through this love, your son Jesus died an unfit death on our behalf. He died for every person in this world, in every continent, in every nation, in every country. No one was exempt from your unconditional love, so help us Lord to be practitioners of that same type of love. Lord give us eyes to see people how you see them. That isn't just a homeless man on the streets, that is your “son”. That is not a prostitute, that is your “daughter”. That isn't a refugee, gypsy, or foreigner, that is the “one you love”. That is not another poor kid in a 3rd world country on a random late night commercial , they are "your children". Change are perspective God. 

Change our perspective and our language about the apple of your eye, people. You love people, and so should we; no matter how different they are from us. Let us never forget the pit you pulled us out of, before we were found, God we were lost. Before we were whole we were broken. Before we were in right standing with you, we were on our way to an eternal damnation. Let us never forget our yesterday, while we fully hold on to the hope of our future which is in you. Let us continuously see these same things for our neighbors both near and far. We believe you to be redeemer, we believe you to be a deliverer, we believe you to be the Savior of this world. Transform the world through us